01 January 2010

Headporter Spree

Website: http://head-porter.org/home.htm

This online store not only carries headporter, porter yoshida bags but also brands like CDG, BAPE, Undercover, Neighbourhood, Visvim and other japanese street labels.
  • This online store sells authentic items. Almost all are cheaper than in SG.
  • Shipping: EMS shipping, takes less than a week to arrive
Shipping cost (second payment) depends on total weight of each shipment, to be finalised after collation of orders, more details here
  • No GST will be incurred
  • Current Batch orders (closing with cap of 5 orders):

There will be a $5 handling charge per bag/pair of shoes/other bulky items, $2 handling charge for smaller items like pouch, wallet, t-shirt.

1st payment: Item price*1.42 + handling charges
2nd payment: Shipping + postage if applicable
Shipping for your item is calculated by weight,
i.e. weight of your item/weight of total orders x shipping charges incurred.

Order format:
(email to mooshop21@gmail.com)

Mode of collection: Normal Mail/Registered Mail/Collection at CCK (weekends, weekdays evenings)
Mailing Address (if opting for mail):
Hp (if opting for collection):

Item name:
Item URL:
Item no:
Price in USD:

(repeat for more items)

[Total amount in USD] x 1.42 + handling = ______ SGD
(transfer to POSB SAVINGS 010385016 and email me after the transfer)