08 March 2010


Website: http://fredperry.com/home

Orders will be submitted once there are accumulated orders of about 150GBP
Expected duration of delivery: 1 week (DHL Express)
Exchange Rate: 1GBP=2.35SGD
(inclusive of handling and shipping from UK to SG, click here for more info)

Current batch:

There will be 2 payments.
1st payment: Item cost x 2.35    (2.40 itself covers shipping
, click here for more info)
2nd payment: postage cost if any, see FAQ section for estimation

Order format:

Collection mode: Registered Mail/Normal Mail (delete whichever unapplicable)
Mailing address (if opting for mail):
Hp (if opting for meet-up):
Bank account no and type(for refund purpose):

Item name:
Colour / Size:
Price (GBP/£):

1st payment: Total Amount (SGD) = Total item cost (GBP/£) * 2.35= _____

-do the calculations yourself, dont have to wait for your order to be confirmed/acknowleged
-Kindly transfer to POSB SAVINGS 010385016 and email to mooshop21@gmail.com
- Bags and shoes are not accepted unless you are collecting from Bangkit LRT/my place or opting for mailing
-If you used interbank transfer, please state. It will take a few days for the amount to show up in my bank statement if using interbank transfer.

Terms and conditions:
1. Full first payment is required in order for your order to be taken in.
2. You may return the item to fredperry.com if the size doesnt fit, there is a fault. In this case, you're responsible to send the item back to me in its original condition, and the overseas postage back to UK. Overseas postage will be around $10 for a top, $30-$40 for shoes etc. A handling fee of $5 is also imposed.
3. Exchange rate is adjusted from time to time, inclusive of 3% interbank rate and handling.
4. If items are not collected after 1 month of their arrival, they will be confiscated.
5. Updates will be done on the first post of the blog and on the spree page. When items arrived, you will also receive an email. Otherwise, it means it has not arrived yet.
6. In the event of 7% GST being charged, you also need to pay for your share. But I will keep every shipment below 400SGD to avoid 7% GST.
7. For private orders, the tracking number will be given for your tracking purpose.
8. Once orders have placed with fredperry.com, it cannot be cancelled. You may however return the item back for refund of item price.

Postage cost
1 wallet: $1
1 polo-$1.50
1 pair of shoes with box or 1 bag: $2.55 or $3.35
For multiple items, as long as the total weight doesnt exceed 2kg, normal postage will be $3.35 max.

For registered mail with tracking number: additional $2.25

You can email me for a quote first.


Regarding when will FP.com restock:
Reply from their customer service personnel:
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email. I am afraid if there is no stock of a particular style avaliable at the present time, there is no guarantee it will become avaliable again this season.

Replenishment on the site occurs Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons so it would be best to check back at those times.

Size chart for reference only
Allow +/- 1cm for error

M3600 Slim Fit Polo S
Shoulders 38cm
Chest 47.5cm
Length 68cm

M3600 Slim Fit Polo M
Shoulders 41cm
Chest 51.5cm
Length 72cm

M1200 Regular Fit Polo XS
Shoulders 41cm
Chest 46.5cm
Length 71cm

M1200 Regular Fit S
Shoulders 44cm
Chest 51cm
Length 71cm

M1200 Regular Fit M
Shoulders 46cm
Chest 53cm
Length 74cm

All mentioned above are MIC (made in China)

M12 MIE Polo XS, Size 36
Shoulders: 41cm
Chest: 48cm
Length: 67cm

Completed batches