27 November 2009

HITO December

NOTE: Prices quoted in these packages are excluding shipping fees from Taiwan to SG.

3 short-sleeved tees/polos for 798TWD【Click here

2 shirts for 888TWD【Click here

3 Long-sleeved Tees for 990TWD【Click here

2 Jeans/Pants for 1680 TWD【Click here

1. Price in SGD= Price stated in TWD x 0.05
2. Shipping and Handling charges:
$2 for accessories
$3.50 for tops, cardigans, hoodies
$4.50 for jackets, shorts, jeans
$5 for shoes and bags

Total price for each item is 1+2

Only one-time payment needed
Supplier's speed:~2 to 3 weeks to receive items after orders are placed.
Free normal mail is provided for all orders.
Registered mail is provided for single purchase of 1500TWD or above.

8 Dec- Orders sent
10 Dec- reverted with alternatives, Hito is stocking in progress.
13 Dec- some items are out of stock, pls check email
14 Dec- Payment made
30 Dec-Tracking number: CC206164643TW, can be tracked here and here.
2 Jan- Parcel at Speedpost Center.
3 Jan- Parcel arrived, mailing parcels on Monday.
4 Jan- All parcels mailed except for Donald's (to be mailed with Taiji)

Order List:
Jeffrey- 1 items PAID MAILED
Jun Jun- 3 items PAID MAILED
Sin Keong- 6 items PAID MAILED
Jackson- 5 items PAID MAILED
Donald- 1 item PAID MAILED

If order form has problems, pls email to mooshop21@gmail.com with the following format:

Email add:
Hp (if opting for collection):
Mailing address (if opting for postage):

Item #1
Price in TWD:

Item #2
Price in TWD:

Total in TWD:

Grand total including shipping will be calculated and sent to your email inbox in a short while.