22 January 2010

Endclothing Spree [CLOSED]

Website: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/

Closing this Friday (25 June) or earlier, sizes running out for most items, this spree will be a quick one
Will be using the VAT refund to offset shipping, handling and postage cost
One-time payment
All items are accepted
Delivery from UK to me: 2-5 working days

Current orders:
Batch 6
30 June-Orders placed, ETA: next week
RockShox-45GBP PAID
lxlfeng-39GBP PAID
sfeng-35GBP PAID

Batch 5
28 June-Orders placed, ETA : next week.
minus2-35GBP PAID
Tze Hoe-35GBP PAID
david_yyy-84GBP PAID
RockShox-55GBP PAID

Batch 4
25 June-Orders placed, ETA: next week.
dodgybutters-62GBP PAID via interbank
joeychen-35GBP PAID
whalecross-27GBP PAID

Batch 3
24 June-Orders placed, ETA: next week
whalecross-58+27GBP PAID
douchebag-80GBP PAID
Spellsinger-29GBP PAID

Batch 2
23 June-Orders placed, ETA: next week.
nubhead-19GBP PAID
triumphmeng-29GBP PAID
icestorm-27GBP PAID
kanashii23-35GBP PAID
cason-27GBP PAID
Bunnny-35GBP PAID

Batch 1
23 June-orders placed, ETA: next week
Exia14-45GBP PAID
xiaoboi-24GBP PAID
sfeng-27GBP PAID
robanne-61GBP PAID

Order format:
(email to mooshop21@gmail.com <<<<[PREFERRED] or PM)
Mode of collection: Normal Mail/Registered Mail/Collection at CCK, Bukit Panjang (weekends, weekdays evenings)
Mailing Address (if opting for mail):
Hp (if opting for collection):
Bank account for refund:

Item name:
Item URL:
Price in GBP:
Alternative item:

(repeat for more items)

Total amount in GBP:_____

[Total amount in GBP] x 2.20 + free normal postage = ______ SGD
[Total amount in GBP] x 2.20 + 2.25 (registered mail) = ______ SGD

Transaction details
Mode of transfer: ATM/ibanking
Transaction reference:
Date and Time of the transfer:

(transfer to POSB SAVINGS 010385016 and email me after the transfer, payment will be acknowledged within 12 hours.)

Terms and conditions:
1. Full payment is required in order for your order to be taken in.
2. You may return the item to endclothing if the size doesnt fit, style doesnt suit you, or if you prefer to change colour/size. In this case, you're responsible to send the item back to me in its original condition, and the overseas postage back to UK. Overseas postage will be around $10 for a top, $30-$40 for shoes etc. A handling fee of $5 is also imposed in this case. For faulty items, ASOS will refund the return postage to me, then I will refund you. Email me for the more detailed procedure.
3. Exchange rate is adjusted from time to time, inclusive of 3% interbank rate. If you're not comfortable with the exchange rate used, you're advised not to join. Do note that most spree organisers do not use the tax rebates to cover the shipping cost as it is rather troublesome to go through the procedure.
4. If items are not collected after 1 month of their arrival, they will be confiscated.
5. Updates will be done on the first post of the thread and on the spree page. When items arrived, you will also receive an email. Otherwise, it means it has not arrived yet.
6. In the event of 7% GST being charged, you also need to pay for your share. But I will keep every shipment below 400SGD to avoid 7% GST.
7. Order cannot be cancelled once I have placed orders with the merchant.