17 September 2009


Finally found some time for a TAIJI spree. Now opening up the whole catalogue for orders and using a new way of calculation to save more.

30 Sept- Confirmed orders and made payment
3 Oct- No notification of any item being OOS, preparing shipment.
9 Oct- 1 item no longer in stock, 1 item restocking.
21 Oct- Parcels sent! Finally..
Can be tracked here and here.
26 Oct-Parcels are at Speedpost sorting center. Singpost delivers within 3 days of receiving parcels. So hopefully they will reach participants this weekend.
28 Oct-Reached me. If you have opted for mail, they are already mailed out (except for SK's). Tracking no and collection timings to be released tonight.

Time taken for items to arrive: 2-3 weeks after orders are sent to supplier
Confirmed Order list:
Jeremy- 3 items (Paid) mailed
Philip- 5 items (Paid) collected
Alan- 5 items (Paid) mailed
XXXX-2 items (Paid) collected
Silco Jonathan-2 items (Paid) collected
Willie- 1 item (Paid) mailed
Leon- 9 items (Paid) mailed
Jeffrey- 2 items (Paid) collected
Alfred- 4 items (Paid) collected
Brad- 2 items (Paid)
SK- 5 items (Paid) mailed
Janis- 2 items (Paid) mailed
Derek- 2 items (Paid) collected
Cetalia- 1 item (Paid)
Jun- 1 item (Paid) mailed
Alvin- 7 items (Paid) mailed

Price in TWD x 0.05 + $3.50 shipping for each (for every item except small accessories)
Price in TWD x 0.05 + $1.50 shipping (for small accessories)
Closing date: 27 September or earlier
Time taken for items to arrive: 2-3 weeks after orders are sent to supplier

These include normal local postage.

Free registered mail for min total purchase of 1000TWD
Still can opt for collection but subjected to my convenience.

Order format (to be emailed to mooshop21@gmail.com)
Email add:
Hp (optional, more for people who want meet-up):
Choose either
1. Mailing address:
2. Collection: CCK/BP/

Item name:
Price in TWD:

(repeat for other items)

Total amount: (can calculate this yourself, otherwise I can help out)


Item name: 合身版型羅紋連帽外套‧四色(F2005)
URL: http://tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/f11651273?u=taiji19810829
Price in TWD: 280
Colour/Size: Black/M

Total amount in SGD: 280x0.05 +3.50=$17.50
1. Full payment must be in before placing your orders.
2. In the case of OOS, participants would be informed to either state alternative items or accept full refunds. Refunds would be made within 3 days.
3. Orders cannot be changed after confirmed with supplier.
4. I won't be responsible for any defects/or wrong colours sent by supplier. But I would try to minimise errrors while placing orders to the best I can.
5. Minimum waiting time for items to arrive, according to experience, is 2-3 weeks without restocking conditions. Please have the patience to wait before you join in.
6. I reserve the right to cancel the spree (if there is no response) or postpone the deadline (if the min no of orders are not reached).
7. Meet-up for collection are arranged to my convenience.
8. Items lost as normal mail is not my responsibility. I would write the address as what is provided, and include a return address just in case.
9. All participants are deemed to have understood and accepted the above mentioned terms and conditions, should they decide to join in.

Tips: Use the search engine to find a certain item, if you have the code (e.g. A0639) or name


Recommended buys: (click on the images to go the sites)

Mix and Match 3 tees of price 280TWD or below for 599 ($29.95)
excluding shipping costs

Mix and match 2 shirts of price 480TWD or below for 699 ($34.95)
excluding shipping costs

Mix and match 1 tee + 1 bottoms + 1 belt for 799 ($39.95)
excluding shipping costs

Buy 1 shirt for 499TWD and get one free shirt (random)

Striped Hoodie $17.50 (including shipping cost)

Cardigan with hood $17.50 (including shipping cost)
LINK: http://tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction/e36127940?u=taiji19810829

Cardigan without hood $17.50 (including shipping cost)

Streetwear $17.50 (including shipping cost)

Vest with detachable hood $32.50 (including shipping cost)