29 June 2009

Guys' Sprees

Korean Style (fake 2 piece, layered style)
Happen to have striped hoodie#18 too
2 shirts for $35 promo (excluding shipping fees)

Hito (nice shirts and jeans/pants)
2 shirts for $40 promo (excluding shipping fees)
3 tees for $40 promo (excluding shipping fees)

Use pre-order order form for this

Closing when there are 10 orders for each

18 June- 2 new sprees are opened.

1. Price in SGD= Price stated in TWD x 0.05
2. Shipping and Handling charges:
$2 for accessories
$3.50 for tops, cardigans, hoodies
$4.50 for jackets, shorts, bottoms
$5 for shoes and bags

Total price for each item is 1+2

Local postage charges:
Accessories: $0.50 each
Tops, cardigans, hoodies: $1 each
Jackets, shorts, bottoms: $2.55
Other bulky stuff: advised to collect by meet-up

Returning customers enjoy 5% off total bill

Only one-time payment needed
Supplier's speed~2 to 3 weeks to receive items after orders are placed.

Please use the new order format for these Korean Style and Hito.

Email address:
Mode of collection: Registered Postage/Normal Postage/Meetup at CCK or City Hall or Dhoby Ghaut
Mailing address: (if opt for postage)
Mode of payment: ATM Transfer/meetup at CCK

Item #1
Name of item: (copy and paste)
Price in TWD: (stated on web)

and repeat if you have multiple items

Total price in SGD(without postage):
Grand total:

Orders so far:
6 July- Items are on their way here. Tracking number:
CC003924614TW, which can be tracked here and here.
9 July- Items arrived! Mailing parcels later. In the process of distribution

Byrant RL1127 (Paid)
Silco RL1127 (Paid) collected
Jason RC8311, RL1127
Edward RL1127 x2 (Paid) mailed
Eric 5002, 5132, 5003 x2 (Paid) collected
Wei Wen R01434 (Paid) mailed

14 July-Orders placed
15 July
- One item restocking, may take 2-5 days.
17 July- Payment made, HITO will send out once restocking is completed.
Tracking no: CC205935898TW
21 July- Hito has sent the parcel
23 July- Parcel is at Speedpost sorting center.
29 July- Called up Speedpost, they promise to deliver it tmr 2-6pm.
30 July- Items have arrived. COMPLETED

14/10 orders
Keith AD410, KM891 (Paid) collected
Eric M851, M838, M874 (Paid) collected
Brad MM830 (Paid) collected
Jasper TM551. TM851 (Paid) mailed
Jo TM551, TM888, TM889 (Paid) mailed
Chin KM1055, TM913 collected
Ming Hui FF056 (Paid)

1. Full payment must be in before placing your orders.
2. In the case of OOS, participants would be informed to either state alternative items or accept full refunds. Refunds would be made within 3 days.
3. Orders cannot be changed after confirmed with supplier.
4. I won't be responsible for any defects/ or wrong colours sent by supplier. But I would try to minimise errrors while placing orders to the best I can.
5. Minimum waiting time for items to arrive, according to experience, is 2-3 weeks without restocking conditions. Please have the patience to wait before you join in.
6. I reserve the right to cancel the spree (if there is no response) or postpone the deadline (if the min no of orders are not reached).
7. Meet-up for collection and payment are arranged to my convenience.
8. Items lost as normal mail is not my responsibility. I would write the address as what is provided.
9. All participants are deemed to have understood and accepted the above mentioned terms and conditions, should they decide to join in.