13 July 2009

In Stock section

#20 Fake Tie Tee $22
Available Size: Free Size
Shoulders 41 cm Chest 48cm Length 67cm
Colours: Black (SOLD OUT), White (1 SOLD)
Made in Korea

#19 Mickey Mouse Love Tee $19
Available size: M
Shoulders 45cm Chest 52cm Length 68cm
Colours: White (1 available, 1 SOLD), Black (1 SOLD)

#25 Heritage 1981 Image Graffiti Tee $25 AVAILABLE
-Cotton v-neck tee featuring abstract mixed media images on front and back sides.
- 26" approx length from shoulder to hem
- Shoulders 45cm, Chest 50cm, Length 69cm
- 100% cotton
- Made in USA

#2 Taiji Vest -$28 $24 SOLD
Colour: Grey
Thick material
Note: Does not include the black shirt
Size M
Shoulder 39cm
Chest 50cm across
Length 68cm

#24 Classic Checkered Shirt $25 SOLD
Colour: Red
Size M
Shoulders 44cm, Chest 50cm, Length 72cm

#23 Crown Tee $19 SOLD
White Size M
Shoulders 46cm, Chest 48cm, Length 71cm

#22 Fake 2 piece Polo (layered style) $25 SOLD
Colour: White/Black
Size M
Shoulders 42cm Chest 46cm Length 65cm

#21 Rock Steady Checkered Shirt $25 SOLD
Colour as shown in picture above
Size M
Shoulders 42cm Chest 50cm Length 69cm